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From: "Muhammad Aly"  

To: kijiwe

Subject: [kijiwe] Our belief [Akidah] in Allah



Dear Zanzibaris

Assalam alaykum



The messenger of Allah said; Islam has been built on five pillars;

(1)shahadatun an la ilaha illa-llah wa anna muhammadan rasoulullah (2)...

(3)...etc. In this issue I will try my level best to explain briefly on our

belief in Allah which is totaly in accordance with the Qur'an and pure

sunnah of the Messenger of Allah.


In explaining the nature and attributes of Allah, our first Imam Ali Ibnu

Abi Talib(a.s)have said:

"...Praise be to Allah who knows the hidden secrets of things, and clear

signs point to Him. He can not be seen by the eye of an onlooker, yet the

eye of one who does not see Him does not deny Him. The mind and the eyes

that proves His existence can neither perceive Him nor comprehends Him. he

has preceded everything in sublimity, nothing is more sublime tha He. He is

so close and nothing is so closer than Him. His sublimity does not alienate

Him from His creation nor does His closeness bring them on an equal level to

Him. he has not informed the intellect about the restrictions to His

attributes, and he has not prevented it from knowing what is essential to

know about Him.


The signs of existence ber testimony to Him to the extent that the mind

which denies Him also believes in Him. Allah is beyond what those who liken

Him to other things or those who deny Him says about Him.

Praise be to Allah, for whom one condition does not precede another so that

He may be the first before being the Last or that He may be manifest before

being hidden. A part from Him, everything called unique is actally little

and sometimes non-existing. A part from Him, everything honourable is meek,

everything powerful is weak, and every owner is a slave. A part from Him,

every scholar is a student, every one with ability is disableed and weak,

every listener other than Him is deaf to light voices while loud voices make

him deaf and distant voices are remote from him.


Apart from Him, everyone that sees is blind to hidden colours and delicate

bodies. Apart from Him, every manifest thing is hidden,every inner thing

apart from Him is manifest. He did not create what He did to strengthen His

authority nor due to fear of time nor to seek help against an equally

aggressive partner or hateful opponent. Rather, all creatures are nurtured

by Him and are His humble slaves. he does not enter into anything so that it

can be said that He exists therein, nor is He seperated from anything so

that it can be said that He is away from its control.


The Creation that He created or the administration of what He controls did

not tire Him. no disability overtook Him from what he created and no

misgiving ever occurredr to Him in what He ordained and resolved. Allah's

verdict is certain, His knowledge definite, His governance overwhelming. And

even in distress Allah is the center of Hope and, despite all His bounties

to humanity,He is to be feared and obeyed by all, mankind and jinns.


This topic will continue, it a series of my lectires on Shia's beliefs and

practices, and so I hope that you will enjoy reading and may be you may

benefit to some extent. It is my hope that with this brief explanation about

our belief in the existance of Allah, His attributes and His real nature,

the readers will understand and in case of any questions pertaining to the

topic, please feel free to ask and also criticise, there will be always some

one to to reply to you at least to his humble ability and Allah's knows



Yours truly, Muhammad Aly







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"Muhammad Aly" 

To: zanzinet, kijiwe

Subject: [zanzinet] The Attributes of Allah as viewed by Muslims




Assalam alaykum


The following is the last portion of the Part One of these series of



.....Imam Ali (a.s) said: "Whoever has described Allah with his own imagination

has indeed linked Him with something, whoever links Him with something has

indeed seen Him as two. Whoever seen Him as two has indeed apportioned Him into parts, and whoever apportined Him into parts is indeed ignorant of Him. Whoever is ignorant of Him has in fact pointed at Him and whoever points at Him has in fact limited Him to a place and whoever limits Him has numbered

Him. Allah is a Being but not from creation, He exists but not from non

existence. He is with everything but not in the sense of physical nearness;

He is different from everything but not in a physical sense.He acts but not

in the sense of movement and tools of movement, He sees even when there is

no creation of His to be seen...."

Ref: [Nahjul Balagha, Imam Muhammad Abdoo commentary, 1st sermon]


There is a clear differences between the creed of Muslims in relation to the

Attributes and nature of Allah, they are those which maintain the belief in

corporealism[tajsiim]and goes claiming that Allah has a body, form which can

be seen and His shape is in human form!![Allah Forbid]


They are those who maintain that Allah walks and descends and He bends His

body and does other activities which can not by any way attributed to His

Majesty and Glory. But the Shias following the Messenger of Allah and their

Imams dissociate Allah from forms, bodily traits, and corporealism and

maintain the impossibility of seeing Him in this World and in the next

World. I personally believe that the traditions used by some Muslims who

believe contrary to what we have explained are all the result of

interpolation of the Jews and Christians who had influenced some narrators

of traditions and persuade them to adopt the false attributes of their God

Who is by any way can not be regarded as true God having all attributes of



was salaam alaykum


Muhammad Aly...










The Shias following the examples and the teachings of the Imams from the

Ahlulbayt(a.s)believes that Muslims should perceive Allah as viewed by the

Holy Qur'an and true sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. As for the question

of Him to be seen by eyes of mankind, our Imams have taught us that Allah

can never be seen by our physical eyes, Glory be to Him and His

corporealism. The Holy Qur'an says,[The eyes can not perceive Him]Ch.6:103.

It also says, [You will never see me]Ch.7:143.

As[There is nothing like Him]Ch.42:11.


The Imams from the ahlulbayt(a.s) do not accept those traditions which says

that it was possible for human eyes to see Allah whether in dream, in this

world or in the Day of Judgement. Our Imams have refuted the claims made by

some on this regard and so they do not subscribe to the belief which assert

that Allah will manifest Himself to His creatures and that they will see Him

as they see the moon on the night of a full moon as assumed by Imam Bukhari

and Imam Muslim!![sahiih al-bukhari, vol.7 page 205, sahiih muslim, vol.1

page 112.]


Our Imams following the guidance of the Holy Qur'an and the true sunnah of

the Final Messenger of Allah have taught us that Allah Sobhanahu Wataalah is

not descending to the sky or to the horizons every mid night as assumed by

some [Sahiih al-Bukhari, Vol.2 page 47] but rather our Imams taught us to

believe that [the angels and the Spirit are descending down in every

affair....] Surat al-Qadr. And so we believe that it is the angels who are

coming down to the horizons and the skies and not Allah as Allah does not

move from one place to another place hence He was existing before the places

were created as He is the creator of those places.


We were also taught by our Imams that Allah has no physical appearance and

organs and so the Shias do not subscribe to the belief that Allah will put

His foot in to the Hell fire to make it filled as assumed by some[Sahih

al-Bukhari,Vol.8 page 178 and page 187]. The Shias also do not subscribe to

the belief that Allah in the Day of Judgement will show His thighs so that

the believers can recognize Him as assumed by some Ulamaas as in [Sahiih

al-Bukhari, Vol.8 page 182 and sahiih Muslim Vol.1 page 115]In fact, Allah

is above that, He is the Most Exalted and great, Glory be to Allah, the Lord

of Power, far is He from how they describe Him, He is the Most Exalted from

anthropomorphism, resemblance, forms and corporealism (tajsim),

comparison(tasbih) and limitations(tahdid).. To be Continued.....


Yours truly, Muhammad Aly




  Date:     Tue, 01 May 01 20:10PM GST


"Muhammad Aly"

To: alinassor, zanzinet

Cc: kijiwe

Subject: [zanzinet] Re: God & Allah ... Mohammad Aly




Bwana Ali Nassor

Assalam alaykum


Mimi si mtaalamu wa Dini, lakini naona hii ni mada ndefu ya kithiolojia ya

dini na kifalsafa, wajinga wenzangu waliponitaka niwaeleze tofauti ya Allah

na God kwa ujinga wangu nilichukuwa kama siku tano kila siku nikisimama na

kuwaleza kwa muda wa saa moja darasani.


Naogopa nisiwapotezee wakati wenu wenye thamani katika wavu huu, lakini kwa

ufupi sana na bila ya kuingia huko kwenye mambo ya lugha, thiolojia na

falsafa, zifuatazo ni tofauti zao.



Allah God

(1)Muumba Mungu

(2)Ni Mmoja Yupo katika Utatu

(3)Anajuwa kila kitu Hakujuwa Adam alikuwa wapi

(4)Hakuna anayeweza kupambana naye Alishindwa na jacob kwa myeleka

(5)Anasamehe dhambi kwa Istigh'faar Anasamehe kwa kujiuwa mwenyewe

(6)Habadiliki wala kugeuka Aliwahi kuwa kama binadamu

(7)Hasafiri wala kutembea Anasafiri kwa kutumia cherub

(8)Hakuzaliwa Huzaliwa na kuwa na mama

(9)Hakuzaa Anazaa watoto

(10)Hakufanana na cho chote kile Anafanana na binadamu

(11)Ameumba kila kitu kwa elimu Aliumba binadamu kisha akajuta

(12)Allah haji Duniani Amekuja Duniani na atakuja tena

(13)Allah hapatikani na mauti Amekufa na kufufuka

(14)Hasinzii Anasinzia na kulala na kusahau

(15)Haonekani Alionekana mgongo wake na Mussa

(16)Hakuamuru Ubaguzi wa rangi Ameamuru ubaguzi wa rangi.

(17)Hakuamuru Utumwa Ameamuru Utumwa kwa wasio wayahudi

(18)Ameumba vyote bila ya kuchoka Aliumba na siku ya saba akachoka

(19)Hakuamuru kuuwa wasio na hatia Anaamuru kuuwawa kwa wasio na hatia


Mada hizi kumi na tisa(19) kila moja inahitaji maelezo marefu ndio nikasema

sipendelei kuwapotezea muda wenu. Niliporejea Kamusi zangu za historia

nimegunduwa kuwa neno "God" latokana na neno la canonites[wakanaani]liitwalo

"jad" lafasiriwa kwa kiengereza [the ancient one], humo imesemwa kuwa neno

hilo lilichukuliwa na Wadachi na kufanywa kuwa "GHOD" kisha likaletwa kwenye

kiengereza likawa "God" kama lilivyo hii leo, sasa kama ni hivyo hao

wakaanaani huyo "jad" wao ilikuwa ni sayari moja kubwa waliyokuwa wakiiabudu

kwa mujibu wa historia, wengine wanasema ni jupiter!! Hivyo the canonites

wakiabudu Jupiter na wakimwita "jad" wakikusudia [the ancient one] maana wao

wakiamini kwamba uhai umeanza kwenye Jupiter na kwamba Jupiter ndio chanzo

cha uhai, hivyo jihadhari na kusema God, hujuwi nini kimejificha ndani yake,

mimi siamimi wala kumwabudu God[Mungu] bali namwamini Allah na namwabudu

Allah peke yake.


Allah yatokana na mzizi wake wa Kiarabu "aliha" kama nilivyotangulia kueleza

kwenye makala nyengine, na aliha maana yake ni "deep love" and "affection";

inasemwa "Ilhaakum at-takathuwr" kwa maana hiyo ya mapenzi makubwa juu ya

mali na kupenda pupa la dunia, hapo neno alhaakum limetumia ile ile mzizi wa

"aliha" kama tulivyoona. Hivyo Allah haiwezi kufasiriwa kuwa ni "Mungu" bali

Allah katika falsafa na thilojia maana yake inakuwa ni [center of deep love

and affection]hivyo kwa maana hiyo anakuwa "Muumba"[Creaotor] kwa kuwa ni

hayo mapenzi yake ya Dhati yaliyomo katika dhati yake ndiyo yaliyomfanya

kuumba vyote alivyoviumba na kwa hiyo akawa Muumba.


Hivyo, mapenzi yake ya Dhati yanakuwa ni "cause" na huko kuumba kila kitu

kilichomo mbinguni na ardhini ni "effect", hivyo jina lake Muumba limetokana

na effect aliyoileta katika uhai. Hivyo Allah ni Muumba [Creator] na sio God

[Mungu].. kwa leo maa salaam...


Ndugu yenu, Muhammad Aly




وَنَجَّيْنَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَكَانُوا يَتَّقُونَ {41:18}

But We delivered those who believed and practised righteousness


  Allah Original Name
  Our Belief in Allah


  Allah and Throne
  Saving Allah's Face


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