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Saving Allah’s Face
Assalamun alaikum wananeti 
Extracted from the book “Wahabism and Monotheism” by
Ali Kurani Al-Amili 
Tabaqatus-Shafiiya, part 8 page 222:
Sheik Abdus-Selam states:
Anthropomorphist Hashawites are of two categories. A
category deliberate no harm from introducing their
faiths so evidently. (And they think that they have
something. 58:18).
One of distinctive phenomena of the Quran is blocking
the way in the face of ideological and doctrinal
deflection. In the Quran, there is a single Verse
sufficient enough to reveal falsity of their faith of
resting upon the extrinsic meanings of aspects of
texts regarding the divine attributes. It is God’s
saying, (Everything is perishable saving His face.
28:88). What should Wahabists and anthropomorphists,
their forefathers, argue about this Verse? Should they
pursue majority of Muslims who stress that ‘His face’
is metaphoric which stands for ‘his essence’ or ‘his
prophets and their disciples’? Or should they
importunately insist on claiming the statement’s
proposing physical face, and claiming that Allah, the
Exalted, will be terminated totally except His face?!
Glory and exaltation be to Allah against their
On this very point, ship of Wahabists and
anthropomorphists break down, and all its engines
stand still. Although they are stormed and drowned to
the chins, they keep up their insistence on their
controversy, challenging the result, whatever it shall
be. We seek God’s guardian against their sayings.
They said, “Termination will affect Allah, the
Exalted, totally except His face. For solving this
problem, they repeated the same, “He terminates in a
form fitting His glory, and perishes in a form fitting
his glory.”
Keeping on path of transgression, they denied that any
of the worthy ancestors had interpreted ‘His face’
into ‘His essence’ or ‘His prophets.’ They denied
reports registered in Al-Bukhari’s book so that
falsity of their faith should not be emerged, and
aberrance and atheism of AI-Bukhari should not be
proved for them.
The story is, herewith, introduced totally:
Al-Albani’s AI-Fetawi, page 522:
Q. Before I introduce my variant questions, I would
like to provide this question which I could not attach
with the other. Yesterday, I mentioned that
AI-Bukhari, in his book of Hadith, records that ‘His
face’ in the Verse, (Everything is perishable except
His face.), was interpreted into ‘His property’. As a
matter of fact, I quoted this claim from a book
written by Ahmed lsam and named Dirasetun Tohliliyatun
Li Eqidetibni-Hajar. I still claim this man
communicates this relation authentically. However, I
would like to introduce before you the following
implication mentioned in the forecited book,
“Al-Bukhari interpreted ‘face’ mentioned in God’s
saying, (Everything is perishable except His face) of
sura of Qassas, into ‘His property’ or ‘What is only
offered for the sake of Allah’. Regarding the earlier
interpretation, it was cited by AI-Hafiz in a
narrative related by An-Nesfi. Muemmar Abu Ubeida Bin
Al-Muthenna, in his Mejazul-Quran, states that ‘His
face’ stands for ‘His Person.
Today, I myself referred to Fetihul-Bari Fl Sharhi
Sahihil-Bukhari and other books explaining
Al-Bukhari’s reference book of Hadith. Surprisingly, I
could not perceive any signal of that text ascribed to
Al-Bukahri. It seems that Ahmed lsam intends to state
that the matter involved in situated in An-Nesfi’s
narrative communicated by AI-Bukhari. Would you please
provide us with your reply on this question?
A. Our reply has been previously cited.
Q. I only intend to explicate so in order that I
should not impute such words to AI-Bukhari.
A. Well, may God reward you worthily.
Q. You have heard me raise doubt to the matter that
Al-Bukhari might say such statement that the meaning
of ‘face’ in God’s saying, (And there will endure for
ever the [face) of your Lord, the Lord of glory and
honor.), is property.
A. 0 brother! A believer Muslim should never state
such words!
Q. I also said that this statement is available in
certain versions of books commentating on Al-Bukhari’s
reference book of Hadith.
A. Then, the answer is already provided. May God
reward you worthily for your wording about emphasis
that Al-Bukhari’s reference book is barren from such
an interpretation which is core of Tatilism-denuding
the Lord from His entire divine attributes, for ruling
of nonexistence.
Q. It seems there is a part of such a statement in
Fetihul-Bari Fl Sharhi Sahihil-Bukharl. As much as I
retain, I could find such an evidentiary argumentation
in a certain point in the book to which a friend of
mine lead me. This asserts that some versions of the
book comprise this statement I argued that existing
things are only Allah, the Exalted, and His creatures.
Considering ‘face’ stands for ‘property’, what shall
be perishing, then?
A. 0 brother! Invalidity of this matter needs an
evidentiary argument The most important thing,
however, is saving AI-Bukhari from claims of
interpreting the Verse. Al-Bukhari is a head master in
Hadithology and theology. Thanks to God, his faith is
following the Worthy ancestors.
These were words of Al-Albani, the most leading
Wahabist in Hadithology.
It is noticeable that it is not problematic for Sheik
AI-Albani to rest upon the extrinsic physical meaning
of ‘face’ mentioned in God’s saying, (Everything is
perishable except His face). He undertakes that
everything, including his god’s hand, foot, side and
every organ, is perishable except the face.
For Al-Albani, this horrible saying and disastrous
calamity, which is refuted even by the Jew and
Christian corporalists a part of whom is still kept by
Al-Albani in Syria, Is not the problem. He states that
the real problem is saving Al-Bukhari, his
acquaintance, from claim of interpreting the divine
attributes, since, as lbn Teimiya expresses, this deed
is deemed unlawful and reckoned as the most dangerous
ill sayings of the heretic and atheists. Al-Albani
describes it as ‘core of Tatilism and aberrance’, and
‘a believer Muslim should never state such words!’
AI-Bukhari, however, is a believer Muslim.
I doubted Al-Albani’s words about Al-Bukhari. While I
was taking a review on AI-Bukhari’s reference book of
Hadith, I found what that ‘connoisseur Hadithist, the
retainer and tutor of AI-Bukhari’s reference book of
Hadith’ had just negated and raised AI-Bukhari
against, was recorded on page 17, part 6 of that
reference book Instead of a single interpretation of
the Verse, there are various sorts of interpretation
written there.
AI-Bukhari’s book of Hadith, part 6 page 17:
‘His face’ mentioned in God’s saying, (Everything is
perishable except His face.), stands of His property.
Some interpreted into ‘what is intended for the sake
of Allah.’...
Ibn Hajar’s Fetihul-Bari Fl Sharhi Sahihil-Bukhari,
part 9 page 4 ID:
‘Face’ mentioned in God’s saying, (Everything is
perishable except His face.), in sura of Qassas, is
interpreted into ‘His property’ or ‘What is offered
only for the sake of Allah’. Regarding the earlier
interpretation, it was cited by Al-Hafiz in a
narrative related by An-Nesfi. Muemmar Abu Ubeida Bin
AI-Muthenna, in his Mejazul-Quran, states that ‘His
face’ stands for ‘His Person’.
At-Tabari relates these very meanings to some
linguists. AI-Ferra records the same.
lbnut-Tin: Abu Ubeida states: ‘Face’ stands for God’s
glory. Some mention God’s Person. The Arabic saying
‘God may honor your face’ means ‘God honor you..
At-Tabari relates the interpretation of ‘face’ into
‘what is offered only for the sake of God’ to some
linguists. The same is related by lbn Abi Hatem to
Khassif to Mujahid and Sufian At-Thawri. Both said,
“God’s face implies what is intended only for the sake
of Allah; like virtuous deeds and the like.”
Different opinions, depending upon the sect, were
introduced for these questions. Some permitted
accrediting the expression ‘thing’ to Allah. They
assert that the exception in the Verse involved is
connected-to the previous sentence-. Hence, ‘face’
stands for ‘person’. The Arab, however, used to use
the most dignified part for expressing the whole
substance. Others impermitted ascribing the expression
‘thing’ to Allah. They claim exception in the Verse is
separated. This makes meaning of the Verse be the
following, “But Allah is not perishable.” Others claim
‘face’ stands for ‘what is done only for the sake of
The statement, then, is recorded in Al-Bukhari’s
reference book Revisers of that book asserted this
fact It is originally refutable to ascribe the
statement to Muemmar. Al-Bukhari himself emphasized
that Muemmar said that ‘His face’ stands for ‘His
From this cause, we do suggest to Al-Albani, Bin Baz
and the somewhat fair Wahabists to opt for
interpretation so that they would not be having to
decided termination of their god to the neck, saving
the face, and aberrance or atheism of AI-Bukhari for
committing the offense of interpreting the divine
attributes. Will they accept our suggestion?!
As a matter of fact, corporalists faced problem of
this Verse many epochs before. When they rested upon
the material meaning of ‘face’ mentioned in God’s
saying, (Everything is perishable except his face.),
they received a striking slap as they lacked convinced
exegeses. As much as it is seemed, that problem
remained unsolved because of their insistence on
rejecting interpretation. The same thing has been done
by Al-Albani. Hence, they acted cussedly and claimed
their god’s total termination except the face. We seek
Allah’s guardian against such claims!!
As-Suheili’s Ar-Rawdhul-Enif, part 2 page 179:
Al-Ashari states: ‘Face’ mentioned in God’s saying,
(There shall remain only the face of your Lord.). is
treated as same as the eye and hand that are exclusive
attributes of Allah, the Exalted, and are neither
realized by intellects nor by reported tenet
As-Shatibi’s Alitisam, part 2 page 33D
Corporalists claimed that including the essence of the
Creator, every thing is Perishable saving His face.
They cited God’s saying, (Everything is perishable
except his face.), as their evidence.
From page 92-95
Mohammed Yusuf 




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