The life of Imam Hussein (A.S)  


Name - Husain

Title - Sayyid-ush-Shohada (Leader of Martyrs)

Kunyat - Abu Abdullah

Born - Thursday, 3rd Shaban 4 AH at Medina

Father's Name - Ali ibne abu Talib

Mother's Name - Fatima (Daughter of the Holy Prophet)

Martyred - at the age of 57 years, in Kerbala, on 10th Muharram 61 AH by

Yazid-ibn-Muawiya and his ruthless army.

Buried - in Kerbala




Imam Hussein (A.S) is the second child of Imam Ali (A.S) and Hazrat Fatema Zahra (A.S). The holy Imam was born in the city of Medina on the third or fifth Sha'ban in the fourth year of Hegira.

His Kunyat (title) was Abu Abdullah and from amongst his titles are Rashid, Tayyeb, Wafi, Zaki, Mubarak, Sebt and Sayyed.

The holy Imam passed the process of his growth and development in the

companionship of his holy grand father, the Holy Prophet (S,A) for less than seven years and for thirty years, he was in the company of his holy father, Hazrat Amir - ul - Momenin Ali (A.S). In the year 50 A.H., after the martyrdom of his innocent brother, Imam Hassan (A.S), he attained the exalted position of Imamat of the Shiites.


The Imamate of the holy Imam coincided with the illegimate government of Moawiya. As Imam Hassan (A.S) was forced to accept a peace agreement with the accursed son of Abu Sufyan, Imam Hussain (A.S) also continued and respected the peace agreement concluded by his holy brother. With the sacrifices of Imam Hasan (A.S), the truth and falsehood had been differentiated and recognized by the Muslims and the reality of Islam had not faced a clear fear of extinction.


The real fear and danger commenced from the time when Moawiya in the year 59 A.H. took this decision to make his accursed son Yazid as his caliph and successor. For attaining confidence for the manifestation of this evil matter, he took steps to take allegiance for his wicked son during his rule.


Moawiya was the first person who gave his own allegiance to his own son. Ibn Saad Narrates in his book Tabaqat . " HUSSAIN Ibn Ali (A.S) was from those people who did not pay allegiance to Yazid". He continues , " with the death of Moawiya in the year 60 A.H., his son Yazid sat on the chair of Caliphate and the people paid their allegiance to him.


Then, Yazid sent a letter to the governor of Medina and said, " call the

people and take their allegiance. Start from the elders of Quraish and

commence from Hussain Ibn Ali (A.S). When the governor of Medina asked Imam Hussain (A.S) to give his allegiance, the holy Imam (A.S) replied, " we are from the household of Nabuwwat and the family of Rasalat." Yazid is a lewd person, wine drinker and a murderer. A person like me can never pay allegiance to a person like him. And if this nation is going to face rulers like Yazid, then the trumpet of extinction of Islam will be blown.


When Imam Hussain (AS) saw the situation in Medina as complicated and upside down, he did not consider it permissible to stay anymore in Medina and on Sunday, two days remaining for the end of Rajab 60 A.H, he left for Mecca along with his Family members and kinds folks.


The holy Imam, in a letter to his brother, Mohammed Ibn Hanafiyya, writes about the aim of his departure from Medina, thus the reality is that I have not departed (Medina) due to insobriety or stubbornness and spreading corruption or falsehood. It is not but that I have left for reforming and rectifying the nation of my grandfather Holy Prophet (S.A). I have decided to perform Amr Bil Mahroof ( enjoining good deeds) and nahi Anil Munkar ( forbidding evil deeds) and to practice as per the ways of my grand father and father Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S).


After five days, Imam Hussein (A.S) reached Mecca on the night of Friday, the 3rd of Sha'ban. The people of Kufa had heard about the death of Moawiya and the refusal of Imam Hussein (A.S) in paying allegiance to Yazid. They wrote numerous letters for Imam Hussain (A.S) and pledged their support for him. And they invited the holy Imam to the city of Kufa.


They wrote , " We have waited for you and have not pledged our allegiance to any body, we shall sacrifice our lives in your path. We do not participate in the Jumah prayers as well as the congregational prayers for your sake". In reply to their petition and request, Imam Hussein (A.S) deputed Muslim Ibn Aqil towards Kufa in the middle of the holy month of Ramazan, " Go and visit the people of Kufa. If whatever they have written is true, then inform me so that I shall also join you".


Muslim reached Kufa on the 5th of Shawwal. When the news of his arrival spread every where, twelve thousand people, and in another narration, eighteen thousand people swear allegiance to him. He reported this matter for Imam Hussein (A.S) and invited him to come to Kufa.


The reports of Kufa reached to Yazid. In the first reaction, he dismissed

No'man Bin Bashir , the governor of Kufa and replaced him with Obaidullah Bin Ziyad. He instructed him to kill Muslim Ibn Aqil. On the other hand, he mobilized his mercenaries to subject Imam Hussain (A.S) in a sudden attack and to kill him. When Imam Hussain (A.S) became aware of the evil plot of his assassination, he ended the ceremonies of Hajj in an helpless and compulsive situation. He did it to protect the sanctity and sacredness of the Holy Kaba. On the eight of 2il Hajjah, 60 A.H., he left Mecca for Iraq. After the episode of Kerbala, Ibn Abbas in a letter to Yazid says, " I shall never forget that you banished Hussain Ibn Ali from the Harem (Mausoleum) of the Holy Prophet (S.A) to the House of the Almighty. Then, you send your mercenavies in a hidden manner to suddenly kill him. Then, you drove him from the House of the Almighty to Kufa. During the past and the present, he was the most loved and respected person amongst the people of Medina . If he would reside in Mecca, he would not allow bloodsheds in it. He was the most  respected and his order would be carried out and obeyed by the people of these two places in Mecca and Medina.


But, he did not like that the sanctity and sacredness of these two places of the Almighty and the Holy Prophet (S.A) be broken. He consided it big and holy those things which you did not consider it while deputing your mercenaries to search for him and kill him in these two holy places.


Resorting to deceive and stratagem, Obaidullah Ibn Ziyad arrested Muslim Ibn Aqil and his loyal friend Hani Ibn Orwa who had sheltered him. He martyred them in a heart breaking manner. And as he was knowing that Imam Hussain (A.S) was going towards Kufa, he mobilized an army and under the leadership of Hurr Ibn Yazid Riyahi, he dispatched them to an area called Qadesiya to watch and keep in view the movements of the small army of Imam Hussain (A.S) Hurr Ibn Yazid met Imam Hussain (A.S) in an area called Sheraf and some discussions were exchanged between them. Imam Hussain (A.S) showed to Hurr two saddle like weight of letters of the Kufian people inviting him to visit Kufa.


He continued his way ... till the second of Moharam, 61 A.H., he reached a place called Nainawa. It was in this place that the messenger of Ziyad arrived and gave a letter to Hurr Ibn Yazid. The contents of the letter was as follows: When this letter reaches you and our messenger comes to you, treat Imam Hussain (A.S)


in a harsh and violent manner. Bring him down in a place where there is no fort nor any habitation and water.  As per the instructions of Ibn Ziyad, Hurr Ibn Yazid stopped the caravan of Imam Hussain (A.S) in a place called Kerbala.


On the next day, Omar Ibn Saad, the messenger of Ibn Ziyad entered with four thousand fighters.  It is noteworthy to mention that Hurr Ibn Yazid expressed regret and repentance for his past deeds. He entered the circle of the followers of  Imam (A.S) and attained the high status of martyrdom in the defense of his holy Imam.


Three days before Ashura, Omar Ibn Saad delegated and send five hundred mounted fighters on horseback to the banks of Furat so that the caravan of Imam Hussain (A.S) should not have water. On the ninth of Ashura, Imam Hussain (A.S) and his followers were fully surrounded and besieged. The enemies became certain that there was no helper or support for the holy and innocent Imam (A.S).


On the evening of Tasooha, the command of attack was issued by the enemy. When Imam Hussain (A.S) saw the movement of the enemy, he called his brother  Abbas Ibn Ali and said, " May I be sacrificed for you, ride and go towards them. When you meet them (the enemy) tell them, what has happened to you and what do you wish to do with us ....?!


Hazrat Abbas (A.S) started negotiations with them and they accepted to

postpone and delay the attack until the next day. And finally, the next day (Ashura) arrived. Omar Ibn Saad commenced the attack and war with thirty thousand fully armed warriors. And the army of Imam Hussein (A.S) with 32 mounted fighters on horsebacks and 40 infantry man on foot bravely and courageously stood and  fought against them. They killed the enemies of the Almighty and were killed and attained Shahadat in the path of the Almighty and in the love of their holy Imams. Any one from amongst the followers of Imam (A.S) who would attain martyrdom, his empty place could be seen and felt (due to their small number) but a fighter from the army of Yazid who would be killed, immediately another fighter would fill his position.


War continued till the time all the followers of Imam Hussain had attained Shahadat. Now, it was the turn of the family of Imam Hussain (A.S) to confront the enemy. The first one who set foot on the battle field was his elder son, Hazrat Ali Akbar. And after him, his other children and the childrens of Imam Ali (A.S), Imam Hasan (A.S), Jafar Tayyar and Aqil went towards the battle field. After waging a relentless and courageous attack, they drank the sweet honey of Shahadat.


Hazrat Abbas Ibn Ali, in his search for bringing war from the banks of Furat was attacked by the enemy. The chivalrous son of Imam Ali (A.S) attained martyrdom in the defense of his holy Imam in a manner where the history of mankind can not perceive nor think about it.


He was martyred in an innocent and pathetic condition.

The most critical and sensitive moments of Ashura was when the beloved son of Hazrat Zahra (A.S) and the heart of the holy Ptophet (S.A) i.e. Imam Hussain (A.S) was all alone in the battle field with no companion and follower remaining. The wicked enemy was attacking him from all the four sides ....


Hajjaj Ibn Abdullah who was present in the battle field narrates thus, " By the Almighty, I had never seen a person who had lost his childrens, loved ones, followers and companions, but like him (Imam) was standing firm with an ease heart. By the Almighty, neither before him nor after him, I had seen any body as his like. When he would attack, then all the enemy soldiers on foot would run away in the same manner as the kids of goat runs away when being attacked by a wolf.


He ( Hajjaj Ibn Abdullah ) continues , " By the Almighty , it was in this

state that Hazrat Zainab, the daughter of Hazrat Zahra (A.S) reached towards the holy Imam.


.... At this time, Omar Ibn Saad came towards Imam Hussain (A.S). Hazrat Zainab (A.S) told him: " Is Abu Abdullah being killed and you are just looking?".


He ( Hajjaj Ibn Abdullah) said , " I am seeing the tears of the (wicked)

Omar which is flowing from his two eyes and passing from his beard. And he turned his face from her.


It has been narrated that Imam Hussain (A.S) had six or nine or ten

children. From amongst them, Hazrat Ali Akbar and Abdullah (Hazrat Ali Asghar) attained Shahadat and Imam Sajjad (A.S) became the Fourth Imam of the Shiites.


The Holy Prophet (S.A) said:

1 _ Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain. The Almighty likes and loves one who loves and likes Hussain (A.S)".

2 _ The one who like to see the most beloved person on this earth who is

most liked and loved by the heavenly inhabitants, then he should see Hussain (A.S).




وَنَجَّيْنَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَكَانُوا يَتَّقُونَ {41:18}

But We delivered those who believed and practised righteousness



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وَنَجَّيْنَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَكَانُوا يَتَّقُونَ     اللهم صلى على محد و ال محد.... و عجل فرجهم