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Assalamun Alaikum netters


Today we continue with the Thaqalain part 22






Speech of Zainab bint Ali


The first majlis-e-Hussain was recited in the market-place of Kufa by a lady from whose head her veil had been ripped off, whose hopes and aspirations had been destroyed on the blood-drenched sands of Kerbala but whose indomitable spirit stepped forward to free the Islamic values from the yoke of tyranny and oppression. She was the first one to answer the call of Imam Hussain. Standing on her unsaddled camel, she looked at the multitude rejoicing the victory of Yezid. As soon as people saw her, they were quiet. They knew that a historic moment for Kufa had arrived. Looking straight at them, the daughter of Ali said:


"Woe upon you O people of Kufa. Do you realise which piece of Muhammad's heart you have severed! Which pledge you have broken! Whose blood you have shed! Whose honour you have desecrated!. It is not just Hussain whose headless body lies unburied on the sands of Kerbala. It is the heart of the Holy Prophet. It is the very soul of Islam !"


The first majlis touched and moved the people of Kufa so deeply as to give rise to both the Tawwabun movement and al-Mukhtar's quest for vengeance.



Dialogue with Ibne Ziyad in Kufa


Getting information about Zainab, Ibne Ziyad addressing her and said : "God be thanked that he has killed you, dishonoured you and unveiled your wrong and false claim. Did you witness the fate of your brother, how God treated him and how he cut off his progeny because he aspired to be Caliph so that he could, after becoming a Caliph acquire his heart's desire."


In reply to Ibne Ziyad's address she said : "God be thanked who honoured us and elevated our position through His Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and purified us from every kind of filth. Verily, the miscreant will shortly be dishonoured amongst them, they are other than  us. I have not know aught but benevolence and goodness emanating from God. As for my people for whom God has ordained the blessing of martyrdom. They, therefore came out from the beds and took  to defensive war and got martyred. But O' Ibne Ziyad! God will bring you all, and all our martyrs in one place where you will offer excuses and you will dispute. O' Ibne Ziyad! May your mother weep over your. You surely will have to offer an explanation for that day and realise in whose favour God's verdict shall be."


Ibne Ziyad got very much upset by her speech. He ordered to behead her but intervention by Ibne Haareth saved her life. He then addressing  her said : "God has cooled me by the murder of Hussain the traitor and of his rebellious companions."


Zainab (a.s) bearing these rude and harsh words burst into tears and said : " By God, you have slain our old, youths and children uprooted our family tree and dishonoured our modesty. If you feel that these misdeeds have cooled your eyes then safely you have acquired the cure for your heart."


Ibne Ziyad said : "This woman is very bold and so was her father and he was poet too."


Zainab said : "There is no valour for woman. There is neither poetry nor oratory in my address but there are solid facts. Are your not ashamed to talk irrelevant."  Continuing her speech she said : " I am really surprise by a person a murderer of Imam (a.s) who says that his heart is cooled down by the murderer of Imam and of his companions but he should know that it was the same Hussain whose glimpse cooled the Prophet eyes. O' Ibne Ziyad! If my brother aspired to be a Caliph he was justified, for caliphate was his inheritance from his Grandfather and Father. As for you O' Ibne Ziyad! Get ready for a reply on the day of Judgment when our Lord will be the Judge. My Grandfather will be plaintiff, the angels will be witness and the hell will be a prison. Beware! Martyrdom was ordained for those whom you have slained. Inspite of the strange performance of your, you expect to find peace in the world. It is a pity that you have been intoxicated by short-lived might and power. Worldly pelf and power has enticed you and made you proud. Beware! There is a decline for temporal monarchy and sultanate. You are not immortal nor you will be fated to have rest in this world. Do you know and understand what a harsh treatment you have given to those spotless souls and their relatives.? You are proud of your misdeeds and of slaying those divinely persons. Remember! Disgrace of your scornful performance will be a crushing burden for your back., for ever and you shall never be gratified with acquisition of your heart's desire."



Dialogue with Yazid in Damascus


Zainab (a.s) delivered the following sermon in the court of Yazid in Damascus when she saw him disrespecting the head of her brother with a cane i.e caning the holy teeth of Imam Hussain (a.s).While profaning the head of Imam Hussain, Yazid recited : "Would that my forefathers of Badr had witnessed how Khazraj fell dead on the ground by the hit of spears. Surely we have killed their chief and have taken full revenge. I might not have been to reckon from among the progeny of khandaq, had I not taken revenge from the family of Muhammad. There was neither revelation nor any message. All this was fraud which Hashimites practiced to grab power."


Zainab replied : " Be all praise to God sustainer of the universe and His benediction on my Grandfather seal of Prophets. God says and He says the truth, 'The end of the miscreants will be awful who belied signs of god and mocked at them.' O" Yazid! Do you feel that you have made our life miserable and existence impossible? And we have become prisoners because we have been presented in your court and you have gained power over us. And you thing that we have been disrespected and dishonoured by God and you have been honoured elevated in position by Him. This apparent success of yours is the result of grandeur of your might and lofty status for which you are so proud. You are elated and highly pleased on our downfall. You feel that you have conquered the whole world and your affair are now well set and organised that our Domain is now under your control. Wait! Let not your ignorance make our late so much. 'Let not those who disbelieve  think that our giving them respite is good for themselves. We only give respite to them so that they may increase in sins and for them is a disgraceful chastisement. (3.177)' O' you the sons of freed slaves! Is this your justice that the ladies of your house remain veiled and we the Prophet's daughter should be paraded from door to door? You have thus insulted our dignity, you unveiled our faces, our villainous soldiers have exposed us to public view from city to city. All kinds of people-residents of hills or of camps pitched near the spring, rich or poor, young or old men of nobility or ignoble persons are looking at us from far and near. We have neither a male relation nor any one else to our rescue. Yazid! Your misdeed has proved your rebellion against God and the refusal of Prophethood of His Prophet, and refusal t believe the prophetic traditions bestowed upon him by God. And this action of yours is matter of nor surprise for a person whose ancestors chewed the liver of such martyrs whose descent is from saintly blood and brought up in saintly atmosphere. And he (Yazid ancentor) waged war against the chief of prophets and collected armies of different clans for the purpose of confrontation . The descendent of such enemies God should naturally be the most deadly  and promised infidelity, treason , violence and enmity towards Allah and His Messenger. Remember your ugly and evil deeds are the result of your inherit infidelity and malicious nature which agitate a storm of revenge in your heart since the battle of Badr in which were killed your elders. He who looks at us with animosity, malice and revenge hesitates not in declare in his enmity towards us (Ahle Bait), his infidelity towards the Messenger of God, confessing it with pleasure by his tongue. He is very happy in saying that he has killed the son of God's Messenger and imprisoned the member of his family. You do not take this to be a sin of extraordinary magnitude you say : Had my fore-fathers but seen this performance of mine they would have said in exultancy 'O Yazid! May not your arms paralyse, your have avenge us.' O Yazid! You are happily disrespecting the teeth of Abu Abdillah Hussain in the assembly though it was the place of kissing for the Holy Prophet (s.a.w). By my soul, you have deepened our wounds and uprooted our tree by shedding the blood of the chief of the youth of paradise, the son of Ali Ya'assobul Arab, son of Aale Abdul Mutalib. You have become one of your unbelieving ancestors by slaying Hussain Bin Ali (a.s) and say with pride that if they see you they will appreciate what you have done and say may God not paralyse your arms. O' Yazid! If you have a heart to take an account of your nefarious deeds you will surely wish your arms to be paralysed and severed from elbow and you will exclaim! Would that your parents had not given birth you because you will feel that God has become displeased with you and the Prophet (s.a.w) has become your enemy. O' God! Bring back to us right. Avenge those who have oppressed us. Make your wrath descend on those who have shed our blood, broken their pledge with us, killed our relations and supporters and disgraced us. O' Yazid! You did what you wished but remember that you have cut your own skin and your own flesh to pieces. In near future, you will be taken in the presence of the Holy Prophet. On that occasion you will be burdened with the sins of your misdeeds committed by you by shedding the blood of his progeny and dishonouring the sanctiry of his family. The place where you will be taken in the presence of Holy Prophet (s.a.w) will be a place where all the members of his family will gather and the oppressors will be avenged and the enemies will be punished. O' Yazid! It does not befit you to get inflated with joy after slaying the Prophet's progeny and "Reckon not those who are slain in the way of god to be dead. Nay! Alive they are with their Lord, being sustained; rejoicing in what God of His Grace has granted them." (3:168-169)God is sufficient to deal with you. The Messenger of God is your antagonist (toward you) and Hazrat Jibrail is our support and help

against you. Those who have made you the head of the state and burdened the Muslims with your leadership will soon find out what awaits them. The end of all the tyrants is awful and who discerns the misguided and wrong doers amongst you? O' Yazid! My disrespect towards you and apprising you of the severe chastisement in store for you revealed in my speech is not with the hope that you should regret after having shed tears of Muslims by charging them, for you are one of those whose hearts are callous, souls are restive, bodies are busy in sins of commission of forbidden and are over cursed by God and Holy Prophet (s.a.w). You are of those in whose hearts Satan has nested and procreates therein you are of those creation. It is surprising that good devotee of God, the progeny of Prophets and their successors should be slain by the sons of despicable, vile, freed slaves and then their hands should be stained with our blood. It is pity that those arrow pierced sacred bodies are lying in the desolate burning desert unshrouded and unburied. O' Yazid! Feel not elated with our defeat for you will have to pay the penalty of it on the day when you will be rewarded for your misdeeds on the of Judgment. God is not unjust to any one. In Him we seek sanctitiy and with Him rest our hopes. Deceive to your heart's satisfaction and try your level best I swear by God - He has honoured us with revelation the Book, Prophethood and His choice Ones. You can neither reach level of our lofty position nor can your destroy our remembrances, nor can you wipe our the ignominy you have earned for yourself by your abominable and vile performance. Your decision are poor and your days are numbered, your party will disperse the day when the Announcer will announce to the effect : God's be on Tyrants and Transgressors. God be praise Who brought to a peaceful end the lives of His Chosen ones and fulfilled the hopes of His chosen devotees and by kindness and blessing called them back to Himself. Where as you entrapped yourself in eternal disgrace and back luck by your injustice to the very sacred devotees. I invoke Allah through these divinely inspired souls to avenge us completely and to bestow upon us the best of Caliphate and Imamate. He is compassionate and loves us all (His Creation) very much.


When Hinda (Yazid wife) heard the words of Zainab, she could not contain herself in a moment of frenzy she rushed out of the enclosure without a veil, demanding to know who had dared to talk about enslaving the children of the Prophet's house. Yazid was so perturbed by his wife, known for her matchless beauty throughout his kingdom, coming into the open court without her veil, contrary to the custom of those days, that he hurriedly shouted orders dismissing the court, gave instruction to Amr Sa'd to lead the captives to the darkest dungeons in the fort and to wait his further orders. He then rushed from his throne and, throwing his robe on Hinda's head, he led her away into his palace. The good lady kept on requesting him to tell her what had transpired that day, who the prisoners were and why somebody had mentioned about the enslavement of the grandchildren  of the Prophet. He gave her evasive replies and tried to allay her fears by saying that the prisoners had nothing to do with the Prophet.



Speech of Imam Ali bin Hussain (Zainul Abindin) in the Mosque in Damascus


Then from the same pulpit from which Mu'awiya and Yazid had cursed Ali, the Imam praised his illustrious grandfather, Ali, before Yazid and the chiefs of the Bani Umayyad. Many Syrians had never before heard Ali's qualities and virtues. The Imam said: "I am the son of the man who fought in the presence of the holy Prophet; who fought the infidels at Badr and Hunain; who never for a moment lost faith in Allah. I am the son of the most pious of the believers, the heir of the prophets, the slayer of the unbelievers, the ruler of the Muslims, the grace of the worshipers, the crown of those who weep in awe of Allah, the most patient of the patient, the best of the performers of prayer. I am the son of the man who was helped by Gabriel and Michael. I am the son of the man who was the protector of the honor of the Muslims and the slayer of the disbelievers. I am the son of the man who fought holy war against the enemy, who was the pride of the Quraish, the foremost of those who accepted the message of Allah and His Prophet, the first of those who embraced Islam, the tongue of the wisdom of Allah, the helper of the religion of Allah, the guardian of the commandments of Allah, the garden of Allah's wisdom, the  repository of His knowledge. I am the son of the chief of the patient ones, the breaker of barriers, whose heart was more steadfast, whose resolution more firm, whose disposition more steady than anyone's. He was a fierce lion on the battlefield, who cut down the enemy with his sword and scattered them as a violent storm scatters straw. He was the bravest among the people of the Hijaz, the most valiant among the Iraqis, the purest Muslim, he who swore allegiance at Aqaba, the hero of Badr and Hunain, the courageous man on the occasion of allegiance under the tree, the unique sacrificer during the Holy Prophet's migration, the chief of the Arab world, the guardian of the Holy Ka'ba, the father of two grandsons of the Holy Prophet. These are the virtues of my grandfather, Ali Bin Abu Talib. I am also the son of Khadija-e-Kubra; I am the son of Fatima Zahra; I am the son of one who was murdered by a blow to the back of the neck; I am the son of one who left this world thirsty; I am the son of one who was deprived of water while water was allowed to the rest of creation. I am the son of one whose body was neither bathed nor shrouded; I am the son of one whose sacred head was raised on the point of the sword; I am the son of one whose women were affronted on the soil of Karbala and taken captive. I am the son of one whose women were brought to Syria as captives." Then the holy Imam wept with a loud cry, and continued: "I am.... I am...." that is, he went on narrating the virtues of his forefathers and the victimization of his holy father and the Ahle Bait. As a result of his address, people wept. After the martyrdom of Imam Husain, the first majlis (assembly for mourning) for the brutal sufferings of Imam Husain was held in this central mosque of the Umayyads. Imam Zainu'l-Abidin, after narrating Ali's virtues in the presence of the enemies, gave such a moving account of the sufferings of his revered father that agonized weeping rose from the Syrians in the presence of Yazid. He became frightened and left the mosque.


It was from this mosque, due to the Imam's address, that people rose against Yazid. Because of popular outcry, Yazid was forced to curse Ubaidullah Bin Marjana for his vicious deed. Eventually, the castle of the Bani Umayya's tyranny was destroyed. Today we do not find in all of Syria a single tomb of the Bani Umayya.


When the prisoners were finally freed by Yezid, they asked for an opportunity to have rites of remembrance in Damascus. A house was made available to them and Mourning for Hussain went on for over a week. Just as Hadhrat Musa Kalimullah had been raised in the palace of the enemy of Allah, Firaun, Bibi Zainab laid the foundation of Mourning for Hussain in the very capital of his murderer !


To be continued..





Mohammed Yusuf



Narrated Aisha:
 One day the Prophet (PBUH&HF) came out afternoon wearing a black cloak (upper garment or gown; long coat), then al-Hasan Ibn Ali came and the Prophet accommodated him under the cloak, then al-Husain came and entered the cloak, then Fatimah came and the Prophet entered her under the cloak, then Ali came and the Prophet entered him to the cloak as well. Then the Prophet recited: "Verily Allah intends to keep off from you every kind of uncleanness O' People of the House (Ahlul-Bayt), and purify you a perfect purification (the last sentence of Verse 33:33)."



In addition to what the Prophet (saw) said who are the real “Ahlul Bait”, he made the habit for six or nine months, every day after morning prayer he would passed by by the door of Fatima's house and address them with greeting as these are "MY AHLEL BAIT" and recite this verse of tat-hir 33.



وَنَجَّيْنَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَكَانُوا يَتَّقُونَ {41:18}

But We delivered those who believed and practised righteousness


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