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My all Zanzibari brothers

Assalam alaykum


Today is the date of 18 Dulhijjah, this day has identical the day that the Holy Prophet (s) stood between Makka and Madina in joining and the pool of water called "Ghadir Khum". Then he lectured his companions, he began by thanking his Lord then he advised his companions by saying:


" Inni tariku fiykum thaqlayn, ma in tamassaktum bihima lan tadhiluw baadi, (ihdahuma) Kitabullah, wahatha ala Kitabillah, thuma kala,"wa ahlubayti, udhalitukumullaha fi ahlibayti, udhalirukumulla fi ahlibayti,udhakirukumullaha fi ahlibayti"


Its meaning: (I leave among you two heavy (important), the first is the Book of Allah, here then the Prophet stressed on to follow the book of Allah and then said others are to follow is "my ahlubayt" and then said three times, I remind you in Allah about my ahlubayt ")


{This hadith is also mentioned in sahiih Muslim, but I have report briefly from the "Riyaadh aswalihiin" of Imam An-Nawawi, the chapter called "Ikraam ahlulbayt", for those who want to read a lengthy can then read the book ..}


Despite all this, today is the day to be remembered as the Holy Prophet (s) gave its importance in standing that place at "Ghadiir Khum" and announced this officially, so we wish all the best in these days of Eidul-Hajj and Eidul-Ghadiir. ..

Was-salaam alaykum...


Your brother, Muhammad Aly







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[zanzinet] Fwd: Al-Ghadeer... The Day the Religion Was Pefected and Completed:      




Dear brothers and sisters,

assalam alaykum;


May you may find this article a positive thought and not aiming to inlict any negative sectarian prejudices, just I have brought it to you all as a piece of information and knowledge on what is known as the "Event of al-Ghadeer in the history of Islam, you may forgive me if this piece of information may cause any harm or injuries to some of you, surely it was not my intention to

do that..


May Allah Guide all of us to what is extensively right...


Yours Muhammad Aly




*** The Speech of Grand Ayatullah Fadhlullah delivered on the auspicious

occasion of Eid al-Ghadeer (1420 AH).

>Al-Ghadeer... The Day the Religion Was perfected..


"Our Adherence to Ali's Imamate Is our Adherence to Islam as a Whole In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, the Merciful Allah (s) says in his Glorious Book: "O Apostle, proclaim what was revealed to you from your Lord; if you do not so, it is as if you have not conveyed his message" (Al-Maâidah 67). The Messenger had already conveyed the entire Message that Allah had revealed unto him, with all its concepts and worship practices. But Allah, the most Exalted, wanted Muhammad to convey something else, which although an integral part of the Message, protects it from all deviations and distortion. But who would carry the Message after the prophet, except someone who had lived it in his mind and soul?


No one fulfilled this condition except one person, Ali, about whom the Prophet said, "Truth is with him just as he is with the truth?"; the one whom the prophet described as the gate to the city of know ledge that he himself represents.Allah (s.) told the Messenger (p) before hand that the unbelievers and hypocrites would claim that he is appointing his cousin and son- in-law as his successor. But this should not worry or sodden sadden him, since Allah does not guide the unbelievers. Thus, the Messenger stood up to deliver a speech on his way back from Hajj to Madina. It was at noon, and the weather was naturally very hot. He called Ali (a.) and raised his hand saying: 'Whoever I have been his master Ali is also his master. O Allah! Befriend all who befriend him and be the enemy of his enemies.  Did I convey? O, God Bear witness.'? Then further revelation was conveyed: 'This day (the Day of Ghadeer, the Day of the Imamate, the day of the extension of the Message in the only man who embodies Islam after the prophet) I perfected your religion (by revealing the Imamate that constitutes a line, a continuous course, a dedication, a commitment) and completed My favor to you and chose Islam to be your faith'?. Thus, we should stand with him because his was the thought that was enlightened by Islam with all his soul, mind and heart that were filled with nothing but Islam, and because he gave himself to Allah leasing leaving nothing for himself.


He began with the prophet as a young child and was raised by Muhammad (p.) and lived with him learning all his attitudes and acquiring his mentality, spirituality, knowledge… etc. When the verses were revealed, the prophet used to tell him, noticing that he was seeing the  Angel who carried the verses: You hear what I hear and see what I see, though you are not a prophet. He was also with the prophet both in war and peace, for  he was entirely with Allah and with Islam. With Ali: The Line and the Course: Our adherence to Ali's and the Imams inmate is an adherence to Islam,  the Quran and the Sunnah. Allah (S.) wants us to be with them and follow them for they upheld the Glorious Book and the Sunnah in a way that no one else did. Thus, this adherence costs a lot. For Ali (A.) is not only a feeling in our hearts, but rather a line and a course that governs all our lives and actions. He represents the ultimate Right. It would be meaningless to be one of his followers if you do not uphold the Right, or if you are unjust. To understand how much Ali (A.) considered the interest of Islam as the only interest one should seek to promote, we should review his position when he had to freeze his demand for his personal right to safeguard the Muslims unity without even feeling any hatred for those who denied him his legal right. In this exemplary behavior, Ali (A.) logic was: Any unjust ice inflicted on me is not important as long as the Muslims and Islam are not wronged. The unity of Muslims is secured and the danger of internal strife is avoided. He opted to give advice to those who denied him his right, to the extent that Omar bin al-Khattab had to admit that he would be doomed were it not for  Ali.


Why Did Ali (A.) Want to Rule?

When Ali (a) became a Khalif, he made a brief speech in which he told his companions what was wrong with them and explained why he sought to become a Caliph: To uphold Allah's Message and not out of any worldly greed in any post: O' (people of) differing minds and divided hearts, whose bodies are present but wits are absent. I am leading you (amicably) towards truthfulness, but you run away from it like goats and sheep running away from the howling of a lion. How hard it is for me to uncover for you the secrets of justice, or to straighten the curved line of truthfulness. O' my Allah! You know that what we did was neither to seek power nor to acquire anything from the vanities of the world. We rather wanted to  restore the signs of Thy Your religion and to usher prosperity into your cities so that the oppressed your creatures might be safe and your forsaken commands might be established.


O' my Allah I am the first who leaned (towards Thee) and who heard and responded (to the call of Islam). No one preceded me in prayer except the Prophet. Then he began to clarify what it means to be a ruler in Islam: “You certainly know that he who is in- charge of honor, life, booty, (enforcement of) legal commandments and the leadership of the Muslims

should not be a miser as his greed would aim at their wealth, nor be ignorant as he would then mislead them with his ignorance, nor be of rude behavior who would alienate them with his rudeness, nor should he deal unjustly with wealth, thus preferring one group over another, nor should he accept bribes while taking decisions, as he would forfeit (others') rights and hold them up without finality, nor should he ignore the sunnah, as he would ruin the people.


The High Cost of Being An Adherent of Ali (A.S). The Imam up held the Right in every word, thought or action he performed. Consequently, if we want to renew our pledge of allegiance to him, we should say: You were the first to become a Muslim and a believer, and we hereby pledge to be Muslims, committed to the Islam as it was conveyed by the Messenger (P.). We also pledge to uphold the Truth in all social, spiritual, political, religious, and other areas…" Ali (A.) demands a lot of those who follow him… he will not accept us if we are unjust to one another or fight and abuse one another; nor will he welcome us if he finds out that we have taken the side of the unjust and the arrogant and abandoned today's downtrodden and oppressed. We have to renew our understanding and commitment to Ali (A.S) and his path, and make every effort not to lose him as those who lived with him did. Remember what the Imam Muhammad al Baqir (a) has advised us when he said that it is not enough to claim that we are with Ali or with the Messenger who is better than Ali. “If one obeys Allah than he is with us, and if he disobeys Him then he is our enemy. One cannot become a follower of us except through piety and hard worksâ€?. Thus, the line of the Imamate is the line that calls on us to  obey Allah's commands and abstain from doing what he deemed unlawful. Being a follower of this line is not a verbal lip service, but a life long commitment that expresses itself in every action, feeling, thought and expression.








وَنَجَّيْنَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَكَانُوا يَتَّقُونَ {41:18}

But We delivered those who believed and practised righteousness


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وَنَجَّيْنَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَكَانُوا يَتَّقُونَ     اللهم صلى على محد و ال محد.... و عجل فرجهم